Committee for the European Construction Equipment
About the organisation: 

CECE is the recognized organization representing and promoting the European construction equipment and related industries in order to achieve a fair competitive environment via harmonized standards and regulations.

The industry behind CECE comprises 1,200 companies from 13 European countries. These equipment manufacturers in 2010 had a total turnover of 20 billion € and employ 120,000 people directly. European construction machines represent about 25% of the worldwide production. Manufacturers to a large extent are small and medium-sized companies; but also the big European and multinational companies with production sites in Europe are represented by CECE.

The CECE industry offers all kind of machines needed in the construction sector and related industries, like road making equipment, concrete equipment, tower cranes, crushing and screening equipment, construction site hoists and of course earthmoving equipment.

CECE represents and promotes the interests of this important industry sector on a European level and in close co-operation with its sister associations in North America, Japan and Korea also worldwide. CECE is an international non-profit association according to Belgium law, registered in Brussels, Belgium.
Visit CECE at www.cece.eu!

Valentina Mauri
EU Affairs Adviser
Diamant Building Boulevard A. Reyers, 80 B-1030 Brussels BELGIUM
+32 2 706 82 28

Quels sont les risques?

Download C07092_LiabilitiesFolder-210x148-FR.pdf
Quels risques encourez-vous si vous utilisez, achetez ou vendez une machine non-conforme ?

CECE guide for identification of non compliant Compactors and rollers

Download CECE_Compactors and Rollers-UK_[hr].pdf
Brief reference guide for identification of non compliant compactors and rollers

CECE: Entspricht dieser Radlader der europäischen Gesetzgebung?

Download CECE_Compl-Wheelloaders-DE.pdf
Ein kurzer Leitfaden zur Identifikation nicht konformer Baumaschinen

CECE: Entspricht dieser Bagger der europäischen Gesetzgebung?

Download CECE_Compl-Excavator-DE.pdf
Ein kurzer Leitfaden zur Identifikation nicht konformer Baumaschinen

Guide CECE pour l'identification des Chargeuses sur roues non conformes

Download CECE_Compl-Wheelloaders-FR.pdf
Mini guide sur les non conformités courantes des chargeuses sur roues