A short presentation of the platform was given at the last Machinery Committee on 15th February and another one at the last GEME 17th February.

The European Commission has published an article on the market surveillance conference of 24th November 2011.

The European Commission’s DG TAXUD (Taxation & Customs Union) has published guidelines for import controls in the area of product safety and compliance.

This web-platform is a joint initiative of the European machinery industries to show firm commitment to help improve market surveillance for capital goods in the EU.

24 November, 2011 (All day)

The Enterprise and Industry Directorate General of European Commission is organising a Conference on 'Market Surveillance and Machinery' which will focus on market surveillance in the machinery sector.

Register for a Conference on Market Surveillance and Machinery, 24 November 2011, Brussels!

The Construction equipment sector and the Weighing industry are claiming market surveillance is not enforced enough in the EU market.

The French and European weighing industry federations carried out tests on 37 imported products not manufactured by European companies. 36 failed to pass the tests.

Survey conducted by the construction equipment industry about unfair competition coming from non-compliant products.